Empathie - Ein Leben ohne Haut (German Edition)

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Open the area around solar plexus with your breath Place yourself in a comfortable position. Notice your breathing. Notice how you inhale and exhale. Notice how your breathing makes your body move: stomach, chest, diaphragm or elsewhere. Place your fingers on the solar plexus. Perhaps it is tense or even a bit painful, remember, there is no right or wrong — your solar plexus is as it is.


Breath in, let loose, turn back to the middle. Breath out, press and turn to the right. Beginners start with minutes. When you get more used to it you can practice for 10 minutes. Then take 15 Minutes to meditate in a comfortable position on what is happening in your body, breathing, heart, creativity and mind.

If you want, you can listen to some music. Then share with one of your collegues as described in the blog before- If you are alone you can make some notes instead of meditating.

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Just write what is coming up into your mind. Also here — there is no right or wrong-. Illustrations by Gesine Grotrian. Have you ever thought T H I S is love! Except confusion or the sight out of a dirty window after a long winter. Hence we are all individuals there is no such thing as standardized love. So what is love? If you are practicing Yoga or Thai Chi start with a grounding exercise you like. Five to ten minutes are fine. If you are not practicing any awareness body work I introduce you to this simple exercise.

Stand with the feet together and the arms by your sides Bend the right knee, raise your right thigh and bring the sole of the right foot as high up the inside of the left thigh as possible. In the beginning it might just as high as your left ankle. Balance now on the left foot, raise both arms over the head keeping the elbows unbent and joining the palms together. If you feel uncomfortable with your arms raised over your head bring your palms together in front of your heart.

Hold the posture for a couple of breaths. Lower the arms and right leg and return to the standing position with feet together and arms at the sides.

Pause for a few moments and repeat on the opposite leg. The challenge of this exercise is maintaining balance on one leg. Poor balance is often the result of a restless mind or distracted attention. Regular practice will help focus the mind and improves concentration, balance and coordination. Imagine that the foot you are balanced on is the root of the tree and the leg is the trunk. Imagine your head and outstretched arms are the branches and leaves of the tree. You may be unsteady for a while and find the body swaying back and forth, like a tree bending in the wind.

Empathie Ein Leben Ohne Haut German Edition Free Audiobook

As you advance in this posture and are able to remain standing for more than a few moments, try closing the eyes and maintaining your balance. Hold it as long as your comfortably can. Repeat it two or three times on each leg. Then sit relaxed on a chair or cushion. Scan your feelings in your body from toes to head, then focus on your breathing. When being in touch with your heart let a person you love arise. It also can be a child or a pet you love.

Empathie Ein Leben Ohne Haut German Edition Free Audiobook

People can have strong feelings of love for animals and even things. Again there is no right nor wrong in this exercise.

Repeat this three times. The first person who came into my mind was my daughter. My love for her felt like a warm shower in the morning. You can imagine the big smile on my face. Second my son came up.

mindfully alert presence at school

My love for him was like being surrounded by millions of different spices in a Moroccan souk. Thirdly my love for my partner came up which felt like warm tender naked skin. I I realized that love has as that many different shades and I accepted too, that my confusion was no wonder at all but a fight for a definition for the one and only love. Sure there is a special kind of love for all of us which leads us to those we want to share our life with.

Feeling love for someone is no need for taking action in a specific way. My love list is growing ever since. For my children, my partner, my friends and also for the guest dog we sometimes taking care of. Today I added pink and white marshmallows to the Moroccan spice bag on my sons list. If you are a teacher or pedagogue or just a parent or partner- try out for yourself and share your experiences this way. Sit together ear by ear then decide who wants to talk the first five minutes and who wants to listen.

Just be aware of your impulses. The joy in her face accompanied me for a couple of days. I mostly celebrated it in the past because I thought I would start to like it if I just jumped over the first step of resistance.

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Unfortunately it never worked out for me. The resistance became even bigger every time I crossed that line. So with the birthday girl dream in mind and knowing that strong emotional reactions are related to childhood experiences I decided to explore both: my withdrawing from and longing for celebrating my birthday. I even created great birthday parties in my mind, at home with my parents as opposed to boarding school where they actually had taken place.

And I had to realize that you can work as hard as you want, it is impossible to change that what had happened in the past. However it is possible to change how much power we allow the past to still have over our lives. So I sat down for the first time in my life and asked my friends and family for a favor as a present: I asked everybody I invited to my 50th birthday to describe how I enriched his or her life.

Looking now at the vast variety of different presents I got, from a bonsai tree to self made fortune cookies that contained answers to my question, to hand written letters from my kids imagine that from an iPhone addicted teenager — I still feel overwhelmed. Before my birthday I knew why I was connected to my friends. What they contributed to my life to be enriched. Now I know how I enrich their lives and that my humor seems to be a big part of that.

The exercise that inspired me to all this happened during a module of training empathy. We were asked to evaluate our relations to each other in the smaller working groups with following questions:.

Search for people or projects:

What made it easy for me being part of the group? What made it difficult for me? What did I contribute to the group? What did I get from the other participants? Try for yourself with your family and friends. Or if you are a teacher or pedagogue try it with your colleagues or students.

Empathie, Emotionale Intelligenz, Selbstliebe 2018 - Silent Subliminal deutsch

Sit together at least once a year and ask yourself this question: how do we enrich each others lives? It is great getting to know the actual status quo from the ones most beloved or important in our lives. If you feel the atmosphere is a bit shaky add a grounding exercise before. Place your-self in a standing position with parallel feet hip-width apart. Bend you knees as much as you can without lifting your heels.

Knees are pointing straight forward. Lift yourself from flat feet to standing on your toes without stretching your knees. Knees are still bended pointing straight ahead. Lower your heels to the floor. Now your back in the starting position. Find your own rhythm and do the little sequence a number of times.