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Enjoy it while you can. Labels: exempt employees , FLSA , overtime. Once legislators woke up to the fact that employers were running amok with noncompete agreements, imposing them on sandwich makers and other low-level employees, some states took action. New Hampshire : New Hampshire already required employers to provide a copy of a required non-compete agreement to potential employees before the employee accepted any offer of employment.

Michigan has a bill working its way through the legislature limiting noncompetes. So do Vermont and Pennsylvania.

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If you think sandwich makers and other low wage employees shouldn't be prohibited from moving on to better paying jobs, and that employers shouldn't be able to surprise new employees with noncompetes after they start, tell your state legislators to get with it and join the pro-employee movement banning low wage and surprise noncompetes. Labels: noncompete agreements. After a storm, I usually get lots of calls and emails about employers making employees work in conditions they deem unsafe so I thought I'd repost this for those affected by Dorian.

In general, you don't have to work in unsafe conditions. The law requires that employers provide their employees with working conditions that are free of known dangers. OSHA sets and enforces protective workplace safety and health standards. OSHA also provides information, training and assistance to workers and employers. Workers may file a complaint to have OSHA inspect their workplace if they believe that their employer is not following OSHA standards or that there are serious hazards.

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We will keep your information confidential. We are here to help you. Some basic safety rules: Keep an adequate amount of clean water for drinking. Make sure workers are trained to do any complex or hazardous tasks.

Provide the proper equipment such as gloves, respirators, boots, lifting equipment and eye protection. Some particularly useful ones for hurricanes are: Hand hygiene and gloves in flooded areas. Chart of hazards and protective measures to take. Working outdoors in warm climates. Protecting workers from the effects of heat. Debris removal guidelines. Bottom line for employers is: don't be stupid. Don't have employees in business attire climbing ladders and removing debris. Make sure employees are properly dressed.

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Don't cheap out and try to use your clerical employees to move downed trees or work around downed power lines. The lawsuit you will face when someone is seriously injured or killed will cost you way more than hiring the correct folks for the job.

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George had surgery on both shoulders this past summer and said he knew he had to stay patient during rehab, even though his instinct was to push through and get back on the court faster. But with me going through it and having a drastic injury in my leg, I know what to expect. I know what pressure to put on myself and what pressure not to put on myself. Doc Rivers said it was possible but doubtful that George would play on Monday against the Raptors.

However, a return to the court this week seems likely. The Clippers have a road back-to-back Wednesday in Houston then Thursday in New Orleans, one of those two games — but not both — seems a likely landing spot.

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The Clippers are without George, and two of those losses came in games Kawhi Leonard did not play due to load management. George averaged 28 points and 8. The Clippers have looked as good as anyone when Leonard played, and now they are about to add another elite, hard-working two-way wing. Another game, another Nikola Jokic game-winner. After hitting the go-ahead jumper against the 76ers on Friday, Jokic sunk the Timberwolves on Sunday.

His fadeaway with 2. Jokic has gotten off to an underwhelming start to the season, which says something about how high expectations have gotten.

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Denver is I'll nit-pick this ever so slightly to say that if the person to whom you're speaking is neither at your home nor where you are when you're speaking to them, but you expect them to be at or near your home when you arrive there, you'd still be likely to say "coming" rather than going. MontyHarder perhaps you would be, but I most definitely would not.

Maybe that's a regional thing. Barrett Sep 5 '18 at In a nutshell: Coming.

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You are moving towards the person you are speaking to. You are moving away from the person you are speaking to. Judicious Allure Nigel Atkinson Nigel Atkinson 2 2 bronze badges. Thank you for the answer. To be very clear you would not say coming if you initially are moving towards the person. If you are at home talking to someone , and mentioning you will be away, you say: I'm coming back home next week.

That's easy to remember. Lambie Lambie Agree with all but the last explanatory sentence. First, did you mean 'in person' instead of 'in public'? Either way, if you are talking to family or friends from home , then the usage is likely to be 'coming' not 'going'. I don't see this conversation being any different whether mum is on the phone at home, at her expat offspring's foreign abode, or in public in the country where said offspring is working.

The last sentence - You to someone whom resides at the family home: 1. Not saying that makes it any less confusing - a full explanation is for an answer. It's all about where the speaker is: Your mum comes to visit you at university: She can say: Are you coming home next week? Or She can say: Are you going home next week? We'll be in Rome then. I am going to them.

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