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I love my husband My lover taunts, teases, enrages, thrills, amuses, and ultimately satisfies. His name? Whether written, spoken, or sung, words entice me as no other human invention could ever do. Okay, music is a close second; when you put the two together, the result is sublime. Like most writers, I came to this devilish profession through a love of reading.

They culminated in the creation of stories of my own, both contemporary and historical. My wish is that you let them seduce you I live in San Antonio with my husband, dote on five grandsons, and travel whenever and wherever I can. Other books in the series.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

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Showing Rating details. Sort order. More titles to consider Raven, an American living in England, is broken woman with a tainted past. Jackie Cox is here. They said hi to mother and then we've been sitting talking for a long time, mother sleeping. Once I steered the conversation away from something disturbing saying that Ahdel listens and has at times asked me to change the subject so keep that in mind. At one point I mentioned that a nurse had given mother some morphine the other night and before I could conclude the sentence Ahdel said in a loud commanding voice, "Morphine!


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I do not want that! A note here. My father died of cancer, had a lot of pain, and did not take the morphine they gave him. He tried it once and didn't like it. I've made it clear to the hospice people that of course if it's necessary, mother can be given morphine, but that's something we need to decide together knowing that she would rather avoid being drugged.

I didn't complain about mother getting the morphine, just told the nurse it wasn't needed now and not to do that again without asking me - same thing I told Earl at first.

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He and I have talked a lot and see things eye to eye. People can change their minds real quick about pain killers if the wrong circumstances arise. But we're not at that point. She's done pretty well up to this point in her life not taking medicine.

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She never does that. She said there were some things to go over. I told her all the bows were tied and each j dotted, that all we had to do was enjoy ourselves.

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That satisfied her. I didn't want to go out anyway. They'll be back. She kept asking me things, some I could answer and some I couldn't make sense of. I reread Cathy's letter to her. So nice. I asked her the other day what her maternal grandmother Smallfield's given name was and she said Emma right away. Tonight I asked what Emma's husband's name was and she can't remember it. I've been sort of blabbering stuff to her. Must be hard to follow it. She's bringing up things she hasn't in a while like, "Where is my watch? But she hung in there. I Never know what to expect.

I've been here a couple of hours. Ward is visiting so I felt free to walk the oak wooded path that leads toward the nursing home. Needed mittens and wool cap as it was below freezing. Ahdel hasn't awakened yet.

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  • I've realized that the marked downturn she seemed to be having the other day that I called unresponsive was likely due to receiving morphine the night before [next day note - now I've learned the morphine was a small amount and not long acting so it just allowed her to relax maybe - hard to know]. As mentioned yesterday, the nurse gave it to her because she's complained of shoulder pain. There should have been a directive written down not to do that without consulting with me. I would have told them to hang on and see if it persists. None of her little pains here and there have persisted.

    Like the other day, as I wrote, she'd complained of foot pain, then later both feet, then the next day, big toe, then the next heel.

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    • Each time I asked her if there was anything she wanted done about it, should I call a nurse? Each time she indicated no. Of course that can change, but for now, she's comfortable and it was good having her back communicating with us yesterday. I'll be putting brief reports in about how it's going today. Thirty minutes later she started to complain about pain in her foot. I'd heard that before but this time her complaints continued and the pain continued to increase.

      For the first time she said yes she wanted a nurse if they could do something about the pain. Philip, the nurse on duty, came and talked with her.

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      He asked if she'd like some pain medication. She was weary and asked like what? He said morphine.

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      She said no. He brought a warm wet washrag and put it on her foot. She continued to complain about pain. We finally got Earl back in and he talked to her about how morphine doesn't only come in doses that soldiers took when they were shot.