X-Men: Deadly Genesis

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Nelson DeCastro.

X-Men Deadly Genesis () comic books

Trevor Hairsine. Mike Perkins. Kris Justice.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis #3

Brad Anderson. Val Staples.

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  • X-Men: Deadly Genesis.
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X-Men: Deadly Genesis #5

Nathan Cosby. Mark Paniccia.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis 1. X-Men: Deadly Genesis - The X-MEN are about to find out! In the wake of the tragic events of House of M, the mutant community is in turmoil, and the X-MEN are bearing the brunt X-Men: Deadly Genesis 2. The deadly secrets in Xavier's past crawl slowly toward the light, with dark tendrils of fear seeping into the minds of his X-Men.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis 3. Everything that could go wrong has and now the X-Men are caught between a bizarre and powerful villain and the U. Cyclops and Marvel Girl remain in the hands of this mysterious new threat, and elsewhere, in the wreckage of a disaster, Professor X-Men: Deadly Genesis 4.

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What is the hidden chapter of Giant Size X-Men 1 -- the missing pieces of the story that neither the readers nor the X-Men ever knew about? The shocking truth begins to be revealed this issue! Professor X's secret shame is brought to light and his X-Men: Deadly Genesis 5. It's the penultimate issue of the most shocking X-Men mini-series of the century! Cyclops has learned the horrible truth of the identity of his captor, just as the X-Men have uncovered the pieces of Professor X's long-held secret shame. Amid the chaos, a new enemy awakens, one whose very existence will haunt the founding members of the X-Men like nothing has before.


X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-6

Who is this new threat? How is he tied to Professor X's darkest secret? Cyclops, Wolverine and the rest of the team must find out soon, before they and those closest to them go mad! Fan-favourite creators Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine present a mysterious blend of horror and super-heroics that changes everything for the X-Men!

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X-Men Deadly Genesis: What If Xavier’ Secret Second Team Had Survived?

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